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C.W.'s Mobile Automotive Services

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  • After moving to Dallas, Clarence secured a job as a diesel mechanic at a local shop and within 3 months was promoted to Supervisor and worked as Supervisor at 2 difference shops specializing in diesel engines in the Dallas area
  • Simultaneously Clarence maintained a part-time mobile repair service which he named C.W.’s Mobile Automotive Services, which focused on regular family passenger cars
  • Eventually his growing following of loyal customers at his part-time mobile business forced Clarence to resign from his position as Diesel Supervisor and dedicate his full time efforts to servicing his growing mobile customer base
  • The mobile service continued to grow until Clarence needed a physical location for his growing client base and has expanded several times to larger and larger locations in the Dallas area 
  • In 2018 we moved to our new facility at 2010 Cartwright Street, which offers plenty of room for large 18 Wheelers and Tracter Trailers while continuing to offer Complete Maintenance and Repair to his loyal following of families who trust us with their regular family passenger cars
  • Diesel Truck Services include Certified Welding, Engine Diagnostics and Repair, Brakes and Wheel Seals, Preventive Maintenance Services, Tire Repair, and Repair & Maintenance of Roll UP Doors on Trucks/Trailers
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Diesel Truck Services