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  • While working at Goodyear in the early 1980s, Clarence received extensive technical training and obtained his A.S.E. Certification, which requires renewal every few years and Clarence maintains his active certification to this day
  • Renewal of A.S.E. Certification requires a mechanic to stay up to date on the latest technology and techniques in the Automotive Industry, which Clarence always maintains via his lifetime learning commitment
  • While working at Goodyear, Clarence realized he had the knowledge and experience to run his owner shop and in 1986 he opened his first shop in Killeen (Ft. Hood), Texas
  • The shop was called Wilson’s Automotive and it remained open until 1990, at which point a large population in the Ft. Hood Military base was sent overseas to fight in the Gulf War and business declined so Clarence moved to Dallas

A.S.E. Certification

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